Think Before You Pierce

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Comedian Steven Wright once said: “Remember, you’re special. Just like everybody else.” Over the years, many people have tried to make themselves special by piercing their tongues. While oral piercing has become very popular, it does come with some risks that you should think about before you have a piercing done.

Remember the operative word here: piercing. If during the process, a blood vessel in your tongue or another part your mouth is punctured, the bleeding could be serious, and you may end up in the emergency room. You need to make certain that when you have the procedure, the proper sterilization procedures are taken, and that you keep the piercing clean. Your mouth is full of bacteria and it is easy for your piercing to become infected. You also run a higher risk of contracting hepatitis, and you could put yourself at risk for swollen heart valves. Oral piercings can also trigger gum recession.

Your tongue stud can make it tougher for you to speak clearly, eat and even swallow. Your tongue stud will continue to strike your teeth and could chip them. Repeated contact of the stud with your lower teeth can create a diastema, or gap, in between your teeth.

Before you have your tongue or cheek pierced, why not talk with our dentist, Dr. Navdeep Aulakh, about the potential risks and to understand what you need to do to take care of your piercing. If you live in the San Jose, California, area, you can make an appointment at AZ Dental by calling 408-437-1111 today.