The Fundamentals of TMJs

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One of the key components to your oral health is your temporomandibular joints. These joints, also called TMJs, are the building blocks for all the range of movement that is possible in your mouth for chewing, eating, and speaking. However, due to heavy wear, they can be damaged easily.

For a list of guidelines concerning TMJs, consider this:

– In order to better help you cope with the stress and anxiety that is often related to TMJ disorders, try practicing yoga or biofeedback.
– In the case of many TMJ disorders, frequent side effects include pain, discomfort, or swelling. Different types of treatments to use include ice packs for pain and heat packs for swelling.
– If your mouth takes recurring damage, TMJ disorders can arise. It is important to discontinue all bad habits that could make it worse, including chewing gum, eating hard foods, or even biting your nails.
– If your TMJ is producing jaw pain, there may be an underlying illness within your mouth or body contributing to it.

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