Wisdom Teeth Removal Can Benefit Your Teeth

Do you understand why wisdom teeth removal is necessary at times? Do you know why it is recommended? If not, we have news for you! Wisdom teeth removal is vital to preserve the life of your teeth and oral health for years to come. Furthermore, having the removal of your wisdom teeth can also improve the health of your jaw.... read more »

The Best Smiles are Built with Water Flossers

As individuals begin to get older, they may notice that they are having a more difficult time flossing their teeth. This is because dental floss can be difficult to use if you suffer from any muscle or joint pain or are simply getting older. However, there is an alternative interdental cleaner that can be used that is free of dental... read more »

Endodontics for the New Year

If you have sustained any dental damage to your teeth and gums, it will need to be fixed as soon as possible. However, if your tooth enamel has been breached and any damage has been done to the pulp, the pulp will need to be extracted. Only through highly advanced endodontics procedures can a pulp be successfully removed to allow... read more »

New Year’s Improvements: Oral Health Care

Ranking your oral health care is never easy, and can often come with numerous traps and loopholes. Not only do you need to make sure that you are cleaning and rinsing out your mouth throughout the day, it is also important to exercise safe and effective lifestyle choices to prevent oral accidents or injuries from arising. In addition, eat a... read more »

Oral Health Care 101: Dental Sealants

The Halloween season is finally here! With all the spooks and ghouls and goblins aplenty overwhelming our senses during the holiday season, is important to keep track of our oral health. Beyond damage that can easily be caused by chipped and cracked teeth due to biting into candy apples or popcorn balls, excess candy during Halloween can drastically increase the... read more »

The Fundamentals of TMJs

One of the key components to your oral health is your temporomandibular joints. These joints, also called TMJs, are the building blocks for all the range of movement that is possible in your mouth for chewing, eating, and speaking. However, due to heavy wear, they can be damaged easily. For a list of guidelines concerning TMJs, consider this: - In... read more »

Pick the Clear Choice for Your Braces!

Don’t want to use metal braces to fix your smile? Use a clear option such as ceramic braces or clear aligners! These innovative substitutes for metal braces are another way to get that straight smile you want. At AZ Dental, we strive to bring the best options for you and your smile. Clear braces (ceramic braces) are put in just... read more »