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Dr. Lynna Bui can provide you with a scaling and root planing treatment to remove plaque and tartar from your mouth and reduce the harmful bacteria in your mouth.  This non-surgical periodontal treatment is highly effective in treating the more moderate forms of gum disease, and is often the first treatment recommended.  We invite you to call AZ Dental at 408-437-1111 to learn more about scaling and root planing in San Jose, California, and schedule your consultation with our periodontist.

Scaling and root planing can be provided as a preventive treatment or as a treatment for periodontal disease.  It may be recommended for a number of reasons, including:

  • Disease Prevention – oral bacteria can travel to other areas of your body through the bloodstream to effect other medical conditions. Scaling and root planing remove these harmful bacteria, and prevent them from causing further damage to your health.
  • Tooth Protection – scaling and root planing help keep your gum pockets from deepening, which in turn prevents gum recession and tooth loss.
  • Aesthetic Effects – this treatment removes plaque and tartar from both your teeth and below the gum line. If superficial stains are present on the teeth, this procedure also removes them.
  • Better Breath – halitosis is one of the most common signs of periodontal disease. Scaling and root planing removes the bacteria and food particles that cause persistent bad breath in the mouth.

When you receive this treatment, our periodontist will begin by conducting a thorough examination of your mouth.  This will include X-rays and a visual examination.  Depending on the overall condition of your gums, the depth of the periodontal pockets, and the amount of calculus on the teeth, we may use a local anesthetic.

Our periodontist will first scale your teeth using special dental instruments, including an ultrasonic scaling device, to remove tartar and plaque from your tooth surfaces.  We may also provide an antimicrobial agent to reduce the amount of oral bacteria present in your mouth.  After your teeth have been scaled, we will smooth the roots of the teeth to remove toxins and tartar.  Smoothing the tooth roots will also prevent bacteria from re-colonizing those areas, and promote healing of the gums.

Scaling and root planing may be accompanied by an antibiotic treatment.

For more information about scaling and root planing and to schedule your appointment with our periodontist, contact our practice today.

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