Pick the Clear Choice for Your Braces!

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Don’t want to use metal braces to fix your smile? Use a clear option such as ceramic braces or clear aligners! These innovative substitutes for metal braces are another way to get that straight smile you want. At AZ Dental, we strive to bring the best options for you and your smile.

Clear braces (ceramic braces) are put in just like normal metal braces that are less likely to break off but are made of a ceramic component. Your orthodontist matches your teeth to this material to make them blend so they are barely noticeable in life or pictures.

Clear aligners slowly move your teeth back into place like braces, but they are removable and easy to clean. You can take them off to eat your food and clean them when needed. These are replaced every two weeks and should be worn after your teeth are put into the proper alignment. This ensures a solid tooth foundation so they don’t move back apart when you stop wearing your aligners.

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