Endodontics for the New Year

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If you have sustained any dental damage to your teeth and gums, it will need to be fixed as soon as possible. However, if your tooth enamel has been breached and any damage has been done to the pulp, the pulp will need to be extracted. Only through highly advanced endodontics procedures can a pulp be successfully removed to allow the tooth to continue to thrive.

Endodontics is a specialty branch of dentistry designed to care for the pulp. When the pulp is damaged, it will need to be extracted, otherwise, the tooth itself will die. Endodontists typically require an additional 2 years of advanced medical training beyond dental school to learn how to successfully repair broken or damaged teeth that have suffered pulp infections or damage.

Endodontists are capable of performing procedures such as root canals and other forms of surgery to repair broken teeth. Every single year in the United States, endodontists save millions of teeth through endodontic treatments. With the use of a highly effective endodontic treatment, it may be possible to save a damaged tooth and restore its function for a lifetime of use once again.

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